Henan Xinma Vehicle Co., Ltd was established in 2002, has a total asset of RMB fifty and one million ,covers an area of 240,000 square meters, engaged in electric tricycle, electric four-wheel vehicle research and development, production, sales and service. The existing staff of more than 500 people, including 20 engineers and 8 senior engineers .
Since the establishment of the company, has always insisted on the concept of professional and perfect quality, "high-quality, low-cost, large to meet customer requirements" for the purpose. The company has a group of professional, positive and dynamic staff, in addition to a professional technology, they can design and manufacture a variety of different specifications and models of products. Most of the Products can be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of customers in the product style and frame structure, etc.
Henan Xinma Vehicle Co., Ltd has strong technical force, many years of professional manufacturing experience and advanced production equipment. The company invested heavily in the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology of electric vehicles. The company organise several domestic experts and engineers researching on new products, electric vehicles, the core technology, production technology and product testing technology , which get development and breakthrough. Electric tricycle using the domestic advanced electrostatic spray process to ensure that the vehicle exterior corrosion-resistant beauty. Electric yacht for the whole glass steel structure, metal parts are made of stainless steel. Existing products include: tourist cars, golf carts, electric cars, mobile police, police patrol cars, electric trucks, three trucks, three-wheeled bus, old leisure vehicles, self-drainage cleaning ship, since the drainage Leisure and sightseeing boat, Continental self-drainage leisure sightseeing boat, leisure sightseeing boat, business sightseeing boat, pedal boat, floating dock, etc, 16 series,90 variety of products. They are sold well all over the world with reliable quality and reasonable prices. Products have been exported abroad.
The fundamental direction of the company is pursuit perfection, scientific and technological innovation, and constantly go beyond, integrity first, quality-oriented, win-win cooperation and common development. In 2012 ,the develop the electric yacht project after a detailed market research and evaluation. The company's technical staff have mastered the production of electric sightseeing yacht and water electric bus technical information and production process. Electric yacht as a green product, no waste gas pollution, water leisure, sightseeing, entertainment, the ideal choice, but also will become a highlight of my company's product diversification.
The company's van and battery sightseeing car has obtained national special equipment manufacturing license (certificate number "TS2510506-2016"), in 2007 the company was awarded”the National Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness” by the City Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company registered the "new horse" brand "Tong Sheng" brand trademark in 2008 by the City Administration for Industry and Commerce identified as "well-known trademarks", in 2009 by the Henan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce recognized as "Henan famous brand." In 2012, the brand through the "CCC" certification.
Throughout the development process of the company: Research electric tricycles in 2002; Research special electric vehicles in 2006; Research electric cars in 2010; Product electric yachts in 2012. "Xinma human " with a positive innovation and the spirit of unremitting in the fierce competition in the market to open up a new world.We believe that in the near future, Henan Xinma Vehicle Co., Ltd. will be fast forward in the construction and development of Zhongyuan Economic Zone .
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